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Booking a Wedding Band: Tips and Tings

Booking a large band for your wedding may seem like a daunting task, but the right band will make it as simple as possible for you and guide you through all the confusing ins and outs.

You may be wondering if you really need to go to the expense of a whole band for your wedding - surely Spotify would do? Well, have you thought that about any other aspects of your wedding - the clothes, the makeup, the hair, the flowers, the venue, the food...? Why would you compromise on one of the most unifying parts of your big day?

The concept of 'Wedding Breakfast' has its feet firmly in the tradition of two families literally breaking bread together, to bring them together. Now, I don't know if a band can compete with food, lol, but music is arguably one of the most relatable aspects of your day that will build a connection between families and friends on both sides. There's nothing like selecting the right music for your day to do this, and as we're a reggae band, we're already connected to that sweet atmosphere of unity and togetherness. What a beautiful match!

We've been performing at weddings for quite a few years now, and we've really had time to think about how we become a part of that special day.

We've compiled a list of hints and tips that can help you with making a commitment to having a reggae wedding.

  1. Reggae music is from the heart, it connects people and covers all bases

From the easy, loving sounds of lovers rock, to the upbeat classics that everyone will know, with a little sprinkle of Dancehall to really kick the party into gear, The Reggulites have got you covered! We provide full consultation on our setlists, with named sets that you can combine and alter to make it perfect for you and your guests. There isn't a person alive who doesn't enjoy at least a little reggae, we guarantee you! As well as finding out what you do want played, we're more than happy to receive a 'Do Not Play' list - we don't want to play Great Uncle George's funeral song at your wedding if you don't want us to! The final set list draft will be sent to you for proofing before we lock it in, so you have full say on what you want for your day.

2. Booking Early Can Save You Money

Most prices go up over time. The same is true with music. If you're getting married next year, booking early can lock in this year's prices instead of next year's, so you can save yourself some money and get that aspect sorted before it becomes a rush! Booking early also gives you more chance in getting the band that you want, as the closer you leave it, the less likely that the band will be available. We don't want you to be disappointed!

3. Booking Local Can Save You Money

We're always happy to travel, but with travel comes costs. If you're local to Birmingham, booking us as your band can save you those travel costs.

4. Fitting Around Your Day

Imagine this: It's your wedding breakfast. You've all sat down, eaten, and the first speaker has just gotten up and dinged the champagne flute to get everyone's attention for the very first amusing and awkward speech of your wedding day...when suddenly, a large burly man throws the door open and cuts across all the wedding tables to load in the drum kit to the stage at the back of the room. What a horror story! We have enough experience to be able to avoid crazy clashes like these. If you have a very schedule in the same space the band is to set up in, you can opt for an 'Early Setup' so that we're out of the way by the time you're using the space. We do our best to work around whatever your schedule is, and consult you in detail on time frames so that you can make decisions based on solid information. If the venue has a policy of no loading out until the night is drawn to a close, we can cater for you with a 'Late Load Out' option, too. Everything is achievable with good organisation and planning!

5. Booking Off-Peak Can Save You Money

Our busiest months are between May and August. Booking outside of these months may save you some money! Likewise, peak days are Fridays and Saturdays, so you may be able to secure a lower price if you're getting married on a different day.

6. Suiting Your Style

The options are all yours! Some examples of how The Reggulites as a wedding band can enhance your day are:

As a festival-style accompaniment to a buffet or food-truck style wedding breakfast, early afternoon, before you heat it up for the evening

As the main attraction for your evening entertainment, engaging you and your guests, calling for photo moments and videos, with the full vibe of the band to create a wonderful party atmosphere

Splitting the entertainment by having a scaled-back, acoustic, 'campfire' set first, cutting the cake whilst we take a little break, and then hitting the second set with the full band and bringing that celebration vibe.

Whatever you want us to play for, and for however long, we have you covered. Talk to us about your vision for the day and bounce ideas off us - we can make something really special happen for your day!

7. The Full Package

We work very closely with our DJ, Marcus Copesta, who fits seamlessly around us and enhances the evening by complimenting our style of music with his own. This can really transform your wedding evening. He'll have your first dance covered, any favourites or must-plays will be there, and the rest will compliment our style so that you don't go from Bob Marley to The Hokey Cokey or worse...Pretty Woman. Of course, if that's you're bag, we're down, but not straight after the band! It would be weird! That's where having a specialised DJ like Marcus Copesta can enhance the rest of the evening's entertainment. Plus, he's just wonderful, he does mic work and he's so energetic and enthusiastic I can't imagine any instance where everyone doesn't just fall in love with the music along with him!

8. Organisation is key. Support and guidance is essential

...and that's why we have a tailored plan for every wedding booking we have. We tell you exactly what we need to know, how to find the information out, when we need to know it and are here all the time to ask anything of. It needn't be confusing - we've done it all before, so you don't need to stress! Your tailored wedding plan will contain the cut offs for anything we need to have sorted out before it's too late, so there will be nothing missed at all. And we're genuinely here to help! We're looking forward to your day almost as much as you are!

We hope you've found this blog helpful and informative, and it's given you some food for thought. Imagine how many beautiful moments and memories this reggae band could give you and your friends and family. If you'd like some more information about what we can do for your wedding, check out our dedicated wedding page.

Much Reggulove!

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