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DJ Marcus Copesta

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The Marcus Copesta

Hailing from the musical mecca of Birmingham and taking influence from the UK Garage scene, DJ Marcus Copesta is lighting up events across the board with his high energy shows that seamlessly blend RnB, Reggae and House grooves. 

With an uncanny ability to read a crowd and keep the dancefloor pulsing, this animated DJ has quickly become the go-to opener for major acts on the scene. 

Marcus Copesta's signature style is a vibrant fusion of thumping basslines, soulful vocal samples and lively mic-work that transforms the events he participates in. 

Whether getting the party started with iconic RnB canon or spinning a remix of classic reggae anthems, he brings an infectious enthusiasm and crowd-hyping skills that have made him an absolute favourite of Birmingham crowds. 

With a fresh, multicultural sound that skilfully blends genres, DJ Marcus Copesta is turning heads and moving feet across Birmingham and beyond. 

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