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We're back, baby: Hitting gig season hard

The Reggae Resurrection at The Wheatsheaf in Shrewsbury and our first gig back at The Lounge at Boldmere!

We have been working really hard behind the scenes to bring you some new Reggulites flavours for this brand new gig season! We've been getting comfortable with Angus on guitar and really using our musician's strengths and talents to showcase some new styles!

Sunday 31st March 2024

We arrived at The Reggae Resurrection, greeted by Lauren who has now taken over, and the talented DJs of Bakra Beats. We had all our favourite people, Will was with us on sound, and the audience were chilling out in that proper Sunday vibe, ready for some reggae music! We got ready to deliver some serious reggae on the crowd, and then we sang and played our hearts out to Shrewsbury! We missed you guys! So many wonderful people, familiar faces and new to interact with. It was a genuinely nice affair!

We debuted two new tracks we've been working on whilst we've been away, although from the last time we played at The Wheatsheaf we'd got a number of new additions. We're always changing it up and refreshing our set, bringing new vibes out and challenging ourselves in the action!

As always, it was a pleasure to have Charlie Moore from Lobster with us, who has become a real Reggulite over the recent months. His energy matches us so well!

We had a great time performing alongside Bakra Beats and bringing you reggae music.

Shrewsbury always knows how to party, as well. They always dance, sing and provide a wonderful atmosphere for us to perform in.

We seriously enjoyed ourselves and we're so glad that it ended up being The Wheatsheaf for our first show of the year, because you guys are just so damn cool!

We also had the added joy from the fact that a few weeks back, we piled into Robannas for a full day of recording, and a few days after playing at The Wheatsheaf, we were able to share our version of the incredible Chronixx track "Who Knows", which we performed live on the gig. It's even got a drum and bass section, because that's how most of us first encountered the song, in it's ShyFX remix along with Protoje. That's some seriously cool reggae music, right there, and we have so so so much fun playing it.

(Here's an epic photo from the video shoot day, taken by JCW photography)

Friday 5th April 2024

We returned to The Lounge at Boldmere ready for a serious party! We know we're going to have a great night at The Lounge, and you guys always show up for us! A huge huge thank you to all our people and friends we've made at The Lounge: Gaynor and Susannah, Jane, Nan, Helen, Trevor and Karen of Global Reggae Band, Ben, Carl, Owen and Pedro of Reggaelators, the Lobster crew, Brother Michael and a special shout out to Mick and Debbie who travelled from Burton on Trent to come and see us! I could have cried. I very nearly did. You lot are AWESOME and we felt so privileged and supported. It was awesome to have Grandad back with us and Breb as well - it's been a hot minute - on PA.

We had an incredible night playing reggae music for you and we just love you all so much!

In case you haven't seen, our new additions are some strange ones, for sure, but my oh my they work, and we just had to feature Angus on guitar because he's incredible and also the most beautiful human. We played something like The Moonraiser's version of Hotel California, and a reggae blues version of House of The Rising Sun which featured some gorgeous guitar and keys moments. It was a pleasure to perform at both of these gigs, and we've not long until the next one, so I guess I'd better go and practice!!


As always, huge thanks to the management, Lauren, for booking us at The Wheatsheaf, Frankwell! If you'd like to see what they have to offer, check here

Huge thanks to Shaun from The Lounge for booking us under his new management. To see what The Lounge is up to, you can find them here

Please check out the following bands that always support us!

Charlie Moore plays bass in Lobster. You can also follow them on their Socials.

Harry Bryan also plays in Last Tree Squad.

The Reggaelators have always supported our band and we love them dearly.

Global Reggae Band are like our sister/brother/sibling band and we also love them.

Our next gig is at The Reggae Cookout at The Night Owl in Digbeth, so we hope to see you there!

And right at the end, don't forget we have merch. It helps us afford the petrol to get to gigs lmao!

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