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Viva la Tentsheaf! The Reggae Resurrection

I had to run some errands this afternoon, and on the way home, the heavens opened and the windscreen wipers came on, and I thought, 'Man, I miss Sunday'. Sunday was the coolest!

We arrived at The Wheatsheaf and were spoilt with Will doing our sound, so we knew it was going to be crystalline and sparkly. Grandad was on board for all the cuddles. We had our wonderful Clive, the RudeSix boys Harry and Angus and Teebs, our most beloved man on the keys. It was going to be a wonderful day!

We enjoyed the semi-sun and the great music from Bakra Beats while we waited for soundcheck, did the soundcheck which was lovely and easy because of the Will of it all, and then had plenty of time to chill out and enjoy the vibes while we waited for showtime.

It's funny, because we never discussed it, but we obviously all regretted not buying food last time because so many of us did this time around. The Jerk Chicken loaded fries were nom, and Harry said the vegan option was superb, too. Plus, the lady who does the food is just a lovely person, so we should all buy her food. That's how it works.

I don't know what was up with us on Sunday, whether it was the combination of people, weather, Sunday, Easter, last night's gig or what, but we were in a great mood! We just had a lot of fun and all hung out outside making a racket like real Brummies.

It was amazing to catch up with Ellen, Lady of The Wheatsheaf, who's just completed the Paris Marathon and claims her legs hurt more from a day at the pub! I'm not surprised, she is always flitting in and out, collecting glasses, talking to patrons, making sure everyone's ok. She's also not going to be at The Wheatsheaf much longer, after twenty years of Landlady-ing, they're moving on to pastures new. But we still get to see her in the summer when we play at The Night Owl, which is awesome. So excited for the future for you, Ellen. Whatever you turn yourself towards, we know you're going to smash it!

The atmosphere in The Tentsheaf was so chilled and happy. Everyone was just enjoying a late afternoon/early evening Sunday, which are real great vibes anyway. Lots of smiling faces and people we saw last time, which is so cool. We played the first set and people were up and dancing. The band was 'TOIGHT' and we had a lot of fun with the music on stage.

We also got to see SkaMan Ade for the second gig of the weekend! I feel like maybe we should pay him cause he's put in the same hours as us! Ade just gets us. He gets where we come from with the music and he knows what we're about. We don't like to do the typical stuff - everyone else can do it. We do authentic reggae, things that really capture the highlights of the band, and we think very carefully about our set and put a lot of time into making it good for you. And Ade sees that, and we thank him so much for his support.

The Dancehall Medley went down a treat with The Tent-goers and it was lovely to see so many people up and dancing. We also had the treat of seeing the guys who stumbled upon us before Christmas, and who usually listen to rock music, come back and bring more people! You guys are cool, and chanting 'Sugar' gets stuck in my head, man!

We want to say the biggest thanks to all of you who came back to see us again, those of you who found us for the first time, those of you who bought merch after Anna and Sugar's lovely speech, and of course Ellen and the familia for booking us in the first place. We sincerely hope we'll be back at The Wheatsheaf soon.

We also want to say a huge thanks to Harry and Angus who smash everything they do into tiny weeny perfect reggae-bite-size pieces, and to Teebs who's keys playing adds that special element to our tunes. It was a pleasure to play on Sunday with you all.


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And don't forget you can grab merch any time online with FREE postage on everything:

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