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The Wyggeston Christmas Party

Burton never fails to impress us...

You know what we love about Burton-on-Trent? They are always SO READY for a party! Some of the nicest people we've ever met, we've met in The Wyggeston, including owners Laura and Bryan, who are just the most down-to-earth, wonderfully hearted people. As we've said in our promotion, we know it's really Christmas once we've played at The Wyggeston, having established ourselves a little tradition of being their last live music act of the year. Shout out to Faye and the boys for coming along to see us!

Since we first played there back in 2019, I believe we've managed to grab ourselves quite a substantial group of awesome people who keep coming back to see us, and we always try and mix it up for them and give them something different to come back for. Saturday night was no exception.

First things first - when we arrived our beloved techy-team of tremendous troopers, Grandad and Breb, had been hard at work building the PA. Everything was in place. I think Anna and I were the last to arrive. Harry had brought his amazing beast of a van along with him. It's so cool, because it's giant, and then this teeny weeny drumming Superstar jumps out! Dennis, Paul and Clive were making the most of the BMW's heating system, which can make the inside climate of the car quite pleasant. There was much hugging all around, and we sound-checked with a little bit of 'I'm Still In Love' mixed in with some Christmas carols, because why not, and because I'm Still In Love wasn't in the set for the night.

We had a lovely time catching up with Laura and Bryan around their already busy bar, and we were due to start at around the 9:15pm mark, so we went about our business and before we knew it, it was time to get on up there!

Our Christmas set has got new tunes in we've brought out especially for the Christmas vibes. There's no actual Christmas songs, but you know those songs that just give you warm nostalgic goodness? Those. The Wyggeston did not disappoint - there is always some one-or-two dancing from the start, namely Debbie and Mick! Love you guys!

Photo of Debbie, Mick and Our Little Harry-Bo, courtesy of Debbie

After the first set, we milled around. I went outside because inside air is making my weird throat-infection type thing kick off, and got talking to some lovely fellas that you might know as the band Gecko! They were amazing. Top quality musical men! So that was loads of fun. Everyone proclaimed how cool Clive is, and to be honest, I cannot argue. He is definitely the coolest kid in the group. The man's just got style.

The second set was upon us and we turned up the volume and turned up the dancehall! It's always funny to see how surprised people are when we pull out the grindy dancehall groove, but it's part of the Reggae story, at the end of the day, and there are some proper bangers it would be such a shame to overlook. After winding the inhabitants of Burton up to non-stop dancing, we finished the set with a good old sing-along of Three Little Birds, feat. all the people in the audience. Some of them can really sing, you know. Others, well, you know who you are!

Huge shout out to the guy behind Anna and Debbie in this picture. You were so very drunk and having such a very good time. I totally love that you spent the entire of the last song reminding me to 'Play the f***in' trumpet'. That was hilarious. Photo of Random Trumpet Lovin' guy, Debbie, Mick and Anna

After the show, everyone was wonderful and thanking and full of the Christmas Spirit, Lager or Wine. We got chatting to so many. A HUGE shoutout to Monica and her husband for the kindest words from the very best of people. We are so pleased your business has taken off so amazingly well, and we are so very humbled to call you our friends. Same for you, Mick and Debbie. Oh and thank you for buying our CD and a tshirt because it makes us feel infinitely cool for like, so many weeks.

Just the hugest thanks as always for the best people of Burton and the stunning people of The Legendary Wyggeston for having us, supporting us and bringing in Christmas with us. You guys are actually the tits.

Our very last show before Christmas is The Right-Before Christmas Show at The Wheatsheaf, Frankwell, Shrewsbury, which we're completely buzzing for, and we will be drawing our Christmas raffle on Christmas eve to see who's won a Music & Love Hoodie (those hoodies are so comfy).

See y'all soon!


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