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The Wyggeston - 2nd July 2022

Celebrating Anna and Sugar's Birthdays

We had another fantastic gig day with The Wyggeston Bunch!

Bryan and Laura are fantastic and always make us feel right at home, so it was the perfect gig to hijack as Anna and Sugar's birthday party! The Wyggeston is a lovely place and the people are really chill, so if you find yourself in Burton-on-trent, you should definitely pass by.

We were joined by the wonderful Monica and Datty's Soul Food Academy providing Caribbean food for the day. They were just wonderful people and we really loved meeting them! Their website is if you want to check them out!

We arrived nice and early so we could spend some time chilling out together. We'd ordered a surprise Reggulites cake for the birthday peeps, so there were candles and singing and a party confetti cannon (trustfully operated by our dearest Noise Boy, Will, who's the only one who can really be trusted to operate anything remotely technical or dangerous.

It was great to share the day with good friends, family and stalwart supporters. I was surprised how many of you had seen us before! It's truly humbling. The picture above is courtesy of Debbie Dickenson - she and her fella are always right at the front, loving the reggae vibes! Hope you enjoyed the cake!

There needs to be a little section of this dedicated to this legend. He's only a babby, you know, but William has worked his BUTT OFF to make his company what it is and in such a short amount of time. We were absolutely overjoyed to have Will working the sound for us last night. We haven't seen much of him recently because he's been off doing the PA for Neville Staples whilst he and his band are touring. So I guess he's a celebrity now. But anyway, the sound was supreme and so smooth and easy to work with.

Of course, Grandad was with us. Those of you who venture close enough to the band will hear us shouting Grandad regularly. He's actually William's Grandad, but he's been adopted by all of us at The Reggulites and we just couldn't do without him. Love you, Grandad!

The band played an absolute blinder last night. We are so privileged to have the members that we have, you know. We love you all, Reggulites!

There was a sad overtone to this affair. Unfortunately, a good friend of The Wyggeston passed away recently. His name was Matt Hudd and we dedicated our rendition of Redemption Song near the start of the first set to him and his family as they persevere through their grief. Our thoughts and hearts go out to all who knew him.

The hugest thank you for such a wonderful night with you all, and we look forward to returning to The Wyggy in December for the 'last one before Christmas' party!

If you're interested in finding out more about anyone we've mentioned in this blog:

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