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The Wheatsheaf Frankwell - Christmas Eve Eve

Our very first gig in Shrewsbury, and we can't thank you enough!

Gigs at The Wheatsheaf happen in the Tentsheaf - an outdoor marquee, fully heated, with an attached foodie truck for street food. Quite stunning!

We were super excited because it was our last gig of 2022 and, on top of that, we had OUR WILL on sound. Will and Grandad were there when we arrived and everything was pretty much set up. Just perfect for Christmas.

We met so many lovely people at The Wheatsheaf! Ellen, the owner, is just a wonderful breath of fresh air, and the customers were awesome, too. Everyone was enjoying the Christmas vibes, and we waited for stage time accompanied by the awesome "Bakra Beats" DJs, Ian and Norma who we very often see coming to support us in Birmingham, so it was great to get together musically.

The reception at the Wheatsheaf was absolutely overwhelming - Shrewsbury really knows it's reggae. Hopefully we'll be back very soon with some reggae vibes. We spoke to so many of you genuinely nice people, and I can't remember anyone's name. But you know who you are and we really appreciated the opportunity to play for you guys and to play in Shrewsbury for the first (and hopefully not last) time!

We all shared our Christmas presents, the videos were fantastic, the audience were lovely and we had a brilliant end to our gigging for 2022. Thank you!

Over the dreaded month of January, we're going to be working on some free content for you all to enjoy, whilst we're quiet on the gig scene. We've got 4 jam sessions planned, involving everyone who joins us on stage, and we're going to be doing some requests, some random not-reggae tunes, some absolute hits and some obscure and funky roots and such.

We'll be putting things up to let you know when it will be happening and how you can get your hands on this free content soon!

For now, we're going to be working on an extremely detailed overview of 2022 and everything it has gifted us with. We're forever grateful. Thanks and true blessings!


To check out The Wheatsheaf, have a look here:

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