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The Musketeer!

Returning to the Musketeer for the first time in THREE years!

With many thanks to Krzysztof Kuzas for the image

Saturday brought around the much anticipated return to The Musketeer in Banbury. We have been hella excited to come back because we know the crowd are just going to be the best people! And the hosts are just so lovely!

Banbury knows it's reggae and ska music, I'm telling ya!

On arrival, the first thing we must get out there is that someone was wearing one of our t-shirts, and that just feels amazing to us. There were HUGE hugs and many thanks given!

It was a beautiful day weather-wise. Clear blue skies, the pub garden was full of people enjoying the sun, there were children in the play area, people had their dogs out with them. A real community vibe.

But were The Musketeer going to love us as much as they did last time? The band is rather different these days. We've come away from our more Ska days to do some really authentic reggae - the stuff you're gonna love if you really know your reggae. I think there was only one song on the set list that we performed last time, so were they going to enjoy it as much?

Well, in short, I think the answer was yes. People were up and dancing from the first set; laughing, joking, dancing, smiling - it was pure vibes.

We saw some faces we haven't seen in a while, and that was just amazing to know that across the years people still support us and want to see us. And we made some new friends! A lovely lady tried to buy Sugar's t-shirt but we decided it was probably best that she had a new one, rather than the one he was just wearing! We spoke to Krzysztof who had filmed some footage of us and he told us about his father who is big into reggae over in Poland...I've found a YouTube channel with some AWESOME stuff on it. So a big hello to you guys!

The Musketeer was just as vibrant and welcoming as always and we really appreciated the wonderful atmosphere and met the most pleasant people while we were there.

The sound equipment had a few hissy fits but it was handled with the absolute professionalism and sorted out as rapidly as inhumanly possible (Big up Grandad and Brendon) and so everything went off without a hitch!

If you saw us at The Musketeer and you caught any videos or pics, we'd absolutely love you to share them with us! You can send them via facebook, insta, email or however you like to get in touch.

If you weren't at The Musketeer in Banbury last night, you missed a real good one, but it's definitely worth checking out - they don't make pubs like this anymore - they're an absolute rare gem.

To check out The Musketeer, have a look here: Musketeer, Banbury (

To get in touch with our infamous noise boys, check here: Event Production | DB Acoustics | Coventry (

To check out the lovely Krzysztof's daddy's YouTube channel for some more fantastic reggae, you can find it here:

Next weekend we're hitting The Night Owl in Digbeth for an afternoon of BBQ, reggae and awesome vibes. See our events page for more info!

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