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Teebs's Wedding - FINALLY!

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

We had a wonderful weekend! The long-awaited wedding of Abby and Teebs was finally upon us!

The Reggulites got all cosied up with car shares (the price of fuel at the moment - really!) so Sugar, Anna and Helen came in one car and Bosco (Bass) and Clive also buddied up.

The venue was absolutely amazing! We were in a large double teepee PARTY TENT, full wooden flooring, lighting up in the points and fairy lights wrapped around the structure. It was gorgeous.

We had a sneaky little surprise for the guests - Teebs was jumping up to play a tune with us! Teebs is a keyboard player and we've been planning his song take-over since 2020!

We have got to say, the wedding guests were the BEST! They were so in the mood for a party and they just enjoyed themselves to the fullest! Nicest bunch of people. Obviously when it was time for Teebs to get up and play Johnny B Goode with us the crowd went wild.

Interesting fact - Johnny B Goode by Pete Tosh is in our regular set now, but it was originally requested by Teebs as a special one-off for his wedding. We'd already started learning it when Corona stuck its oar in and Abby and Teebs had to postpone the wedding.

We loved it so much we decided to put it in the set!

Teebs did an amazing job - he absolutely blew us away and everyone watching was so proud of him! Needless to say, we've got Teebs depping with us later on in the year when our keyboard player couldn't make a date!

Abby was just an absolutely beautiful bride! Down to earth and keeping it real, she had her Docs on with the wedding dress ready to party. Poor girl didn't have less than 3 drinks on her at any given time I'm fairly sure! She did her best not to cry, but she was blown away seeing Teebs up there with us absolutely slaying the keys.

We had a beautiful time with Abby, Teebs and their guests and are so grateful for being invited to be part of their special day.

Wedding: Abby and Teebs 25th June 2022

Venue: Bo Peep Farm, Adderbury Dovecote Events

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