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Smash-adown & Tewkesbury Live

We have been so excited about doing Mackadown with DJ Marcus Copesta.

We knew Marcus was our kinda guy from the first message! His enthusiasm and love for what he does and the music he brings to people is so wonderful to see and just can't fail to draw you in!

We met Marcus and his beautiful wife, Riss, at our gig at Blue Monkey Club in Great Barr, and hit it off right away. The vibes have just been ongoing since then!

Marcus is a fantastic DJ - a real DJ who gets involved in the music, changes things, chats on the mix, jumps on any elevated surface, ya know? Lol. This was his first production with a live band, and were just really privileged he chose us because it was just an amazing night. Everyone who came was just ready to party! As always we are forever grateful to our sound engineers - Brendan is just so cool and so efficient, and of course we just wouldn't be the same without Grandad running the show.

We debuted our new "Dancehall Medley" which has some right bangers in it. Hopefully you'll be catching that soon. The end of our set currently is shaping up to shape you up!

Anyway, we had such a cool time at Mackadown and the band were just all love and vibes for each other as well as the crowd. Beautiful times.

Saturday came around and it was time to shoot to Tewkesbury Live festival. Now this is a great thing for local economy. Supporting all venues across the town centre to put on live music for FREE to the public?! It's a winner. We played at Ye Olde Black Bear on the High St. The venue is currently under massive refurbishment so it wasn't even fully open, but outdoors was heaving with people when we got there and if the toilets are anything to go by the place is going to be stunning when finished (#swankywee)!

I've got to say, those of you who turned out to see us at Tewkesbury - what wonderfully inviting and friendly people! We got to meet quite a few of you and it was lovely - super friendly atmosphere. I don't think anyone did miss Mandy who we sang happy birthday, but she was smashing. We've never dedicated "Turn Me On" to anyone before but she seemed to appreciate it lol!

We also had the beautiful Angus with us on Saturday from RudeSix, and every gig with Angus is a delight because he's just so darn talented and such a sweet guy.

We had the privilege of having our snaps took too, which always makes you extremely excited and terrified!

Thank you to the photographers who captured a wonderful set in Tewkesbury.

If you'd like to check out our sound engineers, you can find them here:

We've also mentioned Mackadown and The Blue Monkey Club:

If you'd like to keep up with Tewkesbury Live, you can find them here:

If you fancy seeing how Ye Olde Black Bear measures up to its fancy toilets (they really were bostin):

If you'd like to check out the coolest band in Ska:

Our amazing photographers:

Thank you to everyone who came to see us, came to say hi, found us on the Internet to keep saying hi, shared pics and vids and everyone who keeps us doing what we do.

Stay blessed 🙌

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