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Shrewsbury was wildin'

Albert's Shed. Shrewsbury. International Reggae Day.

(Photo from the stage)

Reggae Rebels! We did our first gig ever at Albert's Shed, Shrewsbury. What a funky venue it is! Firstly, the whole place is decorated with like...bits of vehicles. There's fronts of cars and vans and scooters made into chairs and tables and what not - which we thought was amazing! Proper cool hang out. They had a GIANT selfie chair that was more of a throne! I forgot to get anyone's picture on that... but here's some pictures of Sugar being cool on a little sofa/car:

(Photo of Sugar being cool)

We gotta say, after soundcheck a few of us sat outside the venue, nearby on a bench, and Shrewsbury is absolutely wildin'! What I mean is, it was a bit like Broad Street at 3am, but at like 8pm. Loads of people clearly had been enjoying the sunshine and had been in the town centre for a while! It was buzzing! Also, people in Shrewsbury have absolutely no issue saying Hello to you, or telling you their mate is gonna get a punch in the face soon, so that was exciting.

We had a lovely gig. The place was filling up nicely before we went on for the first set, but everyone really packed in by the second. Everyone embraced International Reggae Day and we met some really cool people. But before we tell you about that, we had a special visitor that I personally want to talk about!

Vicky!! Vicky came to see us with her friend, Louise, and it was so amazing to see her, because it really has been a trillion billion years, and yet it was like we'd just seen her yesterday. We've mentioned before how me and Anna grew up in Sandwell Youth Music. Well, Vicky was my little trumpet buddy! Or rather, I was her little trumpet buddy, because I'm the youngest. Anna and Vicky are the same age I believe. Anyway, it's been all the way back then that I saw Vicky last, before she left to concentrate on her exams and stuff, sitting together at Intermediate Concert Band on a Saturday morning and banging out Hawaii Five O to our hearts' content.

It was totally amazing to see you again, Vicky, and to hear how amazing your life is! Shrewsbury is a great place and I'm glad everything is awesome cool for you.

Photo sent by Mo :)

We also got to see friends of the band Ian and Norma of Bakra Beats DJ's came along to join in the reggae fun and had a good old dance. It was great to catch up with them both - we discovered outside after the gig that we have a lot more in common than just reggae - they're my people and I didn't even know! Such a vibe.

It was lovely to have Chris depping with us on drums - for those of you who don't know, Chris was our drummer back in the day, so it was great to have him along again. It was also amazing to see Winston who we haven't seen for a few years now! That man is the coolest.

It was also Teebs' first gig as FULL TIME MOFO! He's absolutely smashing the thing, and it just keeps getting better and better. We're going to have an amazing rest of the summer, I just know it.

It was almost everyone's birthday, or so it seemed, and I can't remember everyone's names, I'm so sorry! But I do remember it was Mo's birthday (by the time she got home, anyway!) because she tagged us in all her pictures, so here's one of them, and Happy Birthday to all the Albert's Shed goers!

(Photo of Mo with Sugar and Clive)

The crowd were really great at Albert's Shed, and the staff were super helpful and friendly too. Oh, it was wonderful meeting and talking to the two beautiful ladies on the right side of the stage as well!! Hopefully we can make it back in the future and give you some more reggae floor-fillers!

We're playing the wedding of James and Gaia in Banbury on Friday, and then we'll be kicking back and chilling at The Night Owl for THE REGGAE COOKOUT, and celebrating Anna and Sugar's birthdays. Hopefully we will see you on Sunday!!

Proper wild crowd!


Shrewsbury is doing a festival on Saturday 8th July! It's free and across multiple venues in Shrewsbury! It's called LoopFest and you can find out about it here:

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Search social media for Bakra Beats - Full vinyl DJs

Check out our next event:

And don't forget we got the merch!

Love ya!

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