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Reggae Cookout at The Night Owl 14/08/22

What a day!

It's nearly 11:30pm, and we finished at The Night Owl a couple of nights ago. But I'm sitting and writing this out now because I am absolutely still buzzing about today and how amazing it was. How lucky we are to know the people that we know and meet the people that we meet!

Today was HOT AS A MF, wasn't it? Our sincerest apologies to those of you who came in for a hug after the second set - We are now connected in some weird way, I'm sure.

We started our day arriving at The Night Owl at 12:30 (ish). We were all excited because we had invited a professional photographer to come and take some photos of us, both on stage and around location. We had a good think about where to do some promo shots, and we reckon there isn't a place in the world like Digbeth. It's so arty, but in a totally down to earth and real way. It's old meets new meets street meets culture and we just love it. We feel like it fits with us, so we went with Digbeth.

Al De Marco Photography is the name of the photographer. We have to give huge thanks to the team at Wombourne Parish Council who used Al for the shooting of their Jubilee Event earlier in the year. We totally stole him and we're not even sorry because he's fantastic!

We got set up, we sound-checked and then off we trotted around the surrounding streets of Digbeth. My feet are for sure hurting, but it was so worth it. Within steps of The Night Owl the graffiti artists have made WORKS OF ART out of the walls. If you've never been, make it a trip out, because it's just fascinating. It's so...Birmingham!

I can give you a sneaky peak at some of the work that was done:

How amazing does that look?! We absolutely can't wait to see how they all turn out and plaster them absolutely everywhere for the next 12 months!

We posed, we laughed, we made fun of each other, we tried to look cool, and then a beautiful smell drew us back to The Night Owl, because DiningbyDalton was getting the reggae cookout on the go! I honestly think there is no better combination in the world: sweet Jerk BBQ and reggae rhythms just lift your soul. The weather was to die for (quite literally, by the time we'd finished!) and Digbeth was just full of the smells, the sounds and the sights of reggae.

The atmosphere couldn't have been better with everyone mingling and the sweet music provided by DJ Hayden Taylor - what a beautiful mix.

Despite it being just three months since our last performance for Reggae Cookout at The Night Owl, we managed to squeeze some new music in. It's quite alarming sometimes when you feel like you've only recently been to an event but you can already switch up the set list with new vibes. Things have been moving at hypersonic speed this summer. Looking back over the gig list, I can't believe we've managed to do all those events and develop new songs for the set at the same time. But apparently we have, so, yay us.

Enough about us, though. Because today was about the music and the people. And my God, did the people make it what it was today! If I'd have had the same event at my house I probably wouldn't have seen so many people I know! Birmingham turned UP and OUT this afternoon.

We were greeted by fellow musicians, family, friends, people who haven't seen us before, people who were there last time we played, people who've been supporting us for years and people who came to say Hi before we go and do their booking later in the year!

It was just an absolute pleasure to see so many and to talk to as many as we could!

I think the cookout works well from the point of view that many fellow musicians have had a hectic weekend, all over the country and beyond, and with it being a Sunday, everyone needs a wind down and a nice way to finish it all off. I hope we gave that to you. I mean, the ending of the show doesn't give you MUCH chance to chill, but at least you know you had a great time when you're catching your breath when it's all over!

Anyway, we really really are humbled and appreciative of everyone who turned out today and joined us for what was a truly superb little gem of Sunday. I have had conversations about cars, people's relatives we know, leaving the washing out in the sun too long, venue garden parties in Shrewsbury, local educational support in Birmingham, sound engineering, dogs, cats, hair, shoes, prisons, plane journeys, food, drinks and of course, music.

We want to thank every single member of this amazing Birmingham Reggae Music Scene for joining us and supporting us. It was humbling and we are grateful for the opportunity to entertain so many talented and beautifully-hearted people.

Thanks everyone!!

Our next public performance is going to be Friday 2nd September at 2Funky Music Cafe in Leicester, and we are REALLY looking forward to it!

Until we see you next, please be safe, be pure, be gracious and be thankful.


To find out more about things we've mentioned in this blog:

The Night Owl can be found at The Night Owl Bar & Club, Birmingham

The amazing photography powers of Al De Marco can be seen at Alan De Marco Photography - Wedding and Events | Facebook

If you'd like to see the finished video of the entire Wombourne Jubilee Concert (including yours truly),

The amazing food for today's reggae cookout was provided by DiningbyDalton: Dining by Dalton Solihull - Reviews, Location, Photos (

DJ Hayden Taylor has more events coming up at The Night Owl! Keep your eyes peeled.

Our next public performance is at 2Funky in Leicester:

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