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Regfest 27.8.22

A beautiful occasion that really lifted our spirits!

We've had a very eventful weekend. We were booked Friday 26th for a private occasion, so we're going to keep that one to ourselves, and focus on the amazing time we had at Regfest!

Regfest is a family run, private festival that has grown to include families, friends, artists and performers to create an incredibly uplifting and chilled environment to kick back, enjoy music, company, good food and a bit of a tipple, dance the night away and just revel in the fresh air of the countryside.

On arrival, we were greeted with the gorgeously funky tones of Thomas Atlas, accompanied by our wonderful saxophone friend Sam Rogers. Obviously all tranklements (Black country word for belongings) were abandoned immediately so we could get our groove on. Oh. The. Sounds. Thomas just absolutely lives and breathes his guitar, you can just see how the instrument and the man come together to create one musical wave - superb. Funk may not be your usual thing, but I promise you, you will find something to love.

Once we'd had a very rushed "Howdie" with Sam, he dashed back to Birmingham for his 3rd gig of the day (not jealous at all that he's so popular!) and we got ready to do some Reggae Music.

There was a really special thing happening yesterday. If you go back to our VERY FIRST blog post, just at the end of June this year, you will see that we played Teebs and Abby's wedding. Well, Teebs joined us on stage last night on the keys! Man, he's just the most awesome! We were really hoping Abby could make it, but she couldn't, so we made sure we video'd Teebs when we could so we could show how absolutely brilliantly he did!!

We were also joined by fantastic bass man (Sir) James Crosdale, who is just pure positive vibes. His playing is TO DIE FOR and we are so humbled by the people who join us on stage.

Now, one thing to note about Regfest is that everyone was dressed so colourfully and some were in fancy dress and a man was break dancing on the dance floor, and there were also fire spinners which was super exciting.

We did a "trad" set. Some of you may remember when we played a bit more Marley, and some well-known classics like "Police and Thieves" and "War ina Babylon". It was a lot of fun to hit those tunes again. The crowd were absolutely amazing!

We had loads and loads of fun. And we met some really special people! Including some of the Lobster fellas, who are just so...Brum music. Personally, I've been aware of Lobster for about ten years, but I haven't actually seen them in person for the last maybe 8 of them. Anyway, they're the best and we had a beautiful time meeting everyone at Regfest and having a proper dance after the set.

We really hope to be back again next year! Thank you so much for inviting us and for all your hard work to make the weekend amazing for everyone. It was a pleasure to perform for you and to meet you all.

Our next public performance is at 2Funky Music Cafe in Leicester. We're hella excited for that.


If you'd like to figure out what the heck we were on about in this blog...

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To see what's going on at 2Funky Music Cafe: 2Funky Music Cafe Events – #2FUNKYCOMPLEX

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