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Megan & Jordan: A Festival-Style Wedding

Love is in the air! We think it's wonderful being part of those special memories for couples and guests at weddings and we put a lot of work in to make sure it goes perfectly!

On one of the first sunny days of the year, we were privileged to be a part of Megan and Jordan's big day at Whitebottom Farm in Stockport.

Whitebottom Farm hosts a number of festivals throughout the year, so there was a massive stage in situ. We brought along our own PA and Will and Grandad to make sure the sound was just lovely. The venue even had a green...cabin, rather than room, with a pool table, a dart board and loads of seating so we could get ready and be out the way of the guests.

The couple chose food truck style catering to add to the festival vibe and everyone was in beautiful, festival style attire so that it wasn't too formal. The vibe was just lovely, and the band had such a great time.

Megan and Jordan were a gorgeous couple and their guests were really friendly. Groomsman Luke was put in charge of keeping the band in check and he did a wonderful job! He went to Aston University so wasn't too put off by the accents!

The wedding went off without an issue, despite most of us being stuck in traffic that made our journeys around twice as long as they should be! But thanks to Will and Grandad, everything was kept to schedule. We were also lucky that Harry and Angus had stayed not far from the venue the night before and so they were able to set up and line check before the rest of us sauntered in!

We'd been due to arrive at 11am, and there was a period of time (when the ceremony was taking

place) where we couldn't drive across site because we'd be driving through the ceremony! So four of us, I'll mention no names, had to wait round the corner until the ceremony was over!

We played for this wedding in the afternoon, and so we'd finished by the time the evening really started setting in, and we left the happy couple and guests as the sun set over the expansive green grass and blue sky scenery around the venue.

Megan and Jordan chose a crowd pleasing first set with all the reggae and ska classics. The first set finished with Three Little Birds, and we lost Sugar into the crowd where he found plenty of people to sing along with him! I think the song ended up being about 20 minutes long, but a lot of the crowd had great voices! Megan and Jordan then heated it up into the second set with some modern reggae and Dancehall and finished with the hit Hot Hot Hot, where Megan lead a crowd full of wedding guests around the site in a massive conga line!

I must say a huge thank you to the band, particularly Angus and Sugar, as we were unable to secure another bass player for this wedding, so Angus switched back to bass and Sugar played guitar. Swiss Army Reggae Musicians are for the win. They did so well!

We were extremely honoured to be a part of such a beautiful day, and also to meet the doggo on the way out. What a beautiful doggo! Oh, and Angus bought himself a banjo, so that was also a thing. And Steppa was with Harry, so that was wonderful as well.

We'll be wedding-ing for the foreseeable, but we'll keep you posted on our antics!


You can check out Whitebottom Farm using this link

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