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Match Day at The Aston Tavern

Villa won 4-0, the sun was out, and Birmingham is full of awesome people

This is one of the most interesting gigs we've done! We had no idea what to expect - but the staff at Aston Tavern were some of the most organised and professional we've worked with, especially Michelle, so thank you!

We arrived at The Aston Tavern whilst the fans were at the match and began setting up and getting ready. We were very privileged to have the MAN OF SOUND, Will, so we knew the sound was gonna be ON POINT.

The sun was out in the gardens, and as you can see from the picture above, the band stand is a whole separate building, with a toilet and everything! The gardens are full of picnic benches and plenty of grass for the kids to play on and the sun bathers to get their chill on. Inside the modern part of the building is really nicely finished. There's a few different bars. There's a courtyard to sit out in as well, and then going into the older part of the building, there's a traditional bar & lounge room, and in the corridor there are stairs that take you to the hotel part of the building, which is so so posh and really traditional. It's a gorgeous venue.

Michelle came to meet us and set us up with one of the hotel rooms to get changed and ready for the show. They did nothing but look after us while we were there.

When it was time for stage time, the place had started filling up. I was actually upstairs in the room when the match kicked out. I've never seen a mass exodus of football fans before - it's quite other-worldly really!

The first set was designed to provide some good reggae rhythms with some consciousness, whilst everyone discussed the match and had a catch up with their friends. Towards the end of the set we started to hot it up a bit. After the break, we were into the vibes and dance section of the set, which was appreciated by quite a few that got up and danced.

It was absolutely awesome to see our wonderful Jane Guest, who we haven't seen for a little bit! We made sure we kept her with us on our table, because we love her so much! It was great to see you, my lovely!

We were approached by a young lad called Kyle, who really wanted us to play Sweet Caroline. Unfortunately, that's not a reggae song, but during the break I managed to talk another football fan into helping, and Will got right on board and played Sweet Caroline while we got Kyle and the other fella up to sing. There is a video, but Parental Advisory notice, there is some language in there. They were absolutely great though and we had a lovely time dancing along in the background.

The crew we had were a beautiful line up as well. Sugar and Dawn on vocals, me and Anna obviously, Clive, Teebs, Angus and Cat - the drummer, made a wonderful vibe, completed by Will & Grandad for the sound, Marie on the videos and Jane on the dancing!

Thank you to all the new people we got to meet at Aston Tavern, the wonderful staff and anyone who is reading this! Don't forget to like and share and what not - it makes a huge difference!

Love & Light,

The Reggulites x


To see The Aston Tavern, look here:

To see our beyond brilliant sound engineers, see here:

To see Angus with his band, see here:

To see our most recent addition, Cat - the drummer, look here:

As always, check out our social media for pictures and videos and all that fun stuff.

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