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Marcus Copesta's Big Birthday Smash!

On Friday 4th August, we had the absolute privilege of being invited to play at DJ Marcus Copesta's birthday party! A whole 40 years of mashing it up! Amazing.

We loaded in and Grandad and Brendon got us all prepped on the sound. It makes such a difference having such professional people for the PA and it takes so much pressure off us. We are totally spoilt with dB Acoustics. Their sound quality is like nothing else. We sound 100% better with them behind the board!

We were about ready to soundcheck when the fam arrived! Team Copesta were in the building, Marcus was already super excited, Riss looked absolutely beautiful and stunning and the kids had their little pouch bags all full of sweets! I even got a little bag of Haribo sweets from my gorgeous little Kings! Super chuffed with that!

Sound check didn't take very long and we all went for a chill. The weather was actually nice after torrential rain for the million days previous so we could hang about outside. It was a really great opportunity to get to know Charlie better! Y'all might know Charlie from Big Bear Music or from the exhilarating band Lobster. It was great to finally be able to get him in the line up and he did such an amazing job. Charlie is just super cool and fits our vibe so nicely.

We also had another appearance from Cat - the drummer on drums, and he has just slotted in so well. Cat & Marie are the most laid back, chill people and it's a pleasure to be around them.

It wasn't long until the DJ's started, and surprise surprise, Marcus was up on the furniture and getting the party started. They dedicated George Ezra's 'Green Green Grass' to Kingsley, who danced all the way through, after he was announced over the mic of course. The kid is just too too cool. The music was quickly diverted back away from George Ezra, as much as he's brilliant, he wasn't really in keeping with the birthday aesthetic!

The party was held at the Banbury Club in Birmingham, and we gotta say, we like that venue! The staff were nice and helpful and the place was really nicely maintained, with a nice open and spacious feeling.

The party was popping off by the time we were due to go on! We had a good dance (mainly the girls did) to get ready. I mean, how many people have a job where they get prepped for their hard work by dancing to awesome DJ music?!

We played two sets and everyone got up and dancing! We even invited our little Kings on stage to open the last tune, because his rendition of Three Little Birds is the only version we're interested in playing.

We had a wonderful time, met some beautiful and kind people, had a great time dancing, and of course spending time with Team Copesta. And obviously Daddy Copeland is the one. But seriously, we have deep deep love for Marcus and all of his family, and we were so humbled to be a part of your celebrations.


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