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Living it up in the rain! Back to Babar's

What an awesome night we had returning to Babar Cafe & Bar in Hereford! The people who came along just brought the atmosphere with them! Happy smiley faces all around!

But true Bri'ish style...let us talk about the weather...

It's gotta be said, the weather was not on our side on Saturday. I'll be totally honest - I got up, peered round the corner of my bedroom curtain, saw the TORRENTIAL rain that was cascading at a rate of knots and thought "F*** that" and went back to sleep for a few hours.

It was soggy, to rahtid. Lol.

We travelled from Birmingham in said shower alllll the way to Hereford, winding roads and all. When we arrived, it was time for coffee and setting up.

The sound engineer had to move his desk in a bit because otherwise it would have been in the rain!!

Ticket tings

We had an interesting new experience with this gig. We've never sold the tickets ourselves for a gig! It's always the venue who do it, but after discussing it with Babar's, we decided to give it a go. I cannot tell you how exciting it is when the website goes 'tring' with a ticket sale sound! And it worked so nicely, because everyone who came and had bought a ticket in advance, I knew their name! I went round in the break to speak to people and they were really surprised I knew their names. I could have claimed some witchcraft goings-on, but I fessed up. It made us feel a lot closer to the audience, which was really nice!

Kicking off Babar Season

We were pleased to find out that we've kicked off the season for Babar Cafe! It's so important to support independent venues that bring us so much. It's hard out there for all of us, but please try and support places like Babar. Money can't buy you happiness, but if something gives you happiness and they need your money, that seems fair to me!

A mad set

We gave Babar's our brand new 2023 set, and they ATE IT UP! One thing about Babar crowds, they're outside and it's March...if they catch a vibe, they're gonna dance! Seems like the set went down really well at Babar Cafe. I can't explain how cold and chilled we were feeling at the beginning of the night but by the end we were definitely hotted up! A few audience members managed to raise about £20 to try and take Anna home...didn't work though! Try again next time, guys! We also saw some familiar faces and got chatting to everyone there. Just a lovely crowd.

A long journey home

We all drove home in convoy, which makes me smile. It's like, we did it together, we finish together, we go home together. Although I have to point out that Clive was at the front and then he was sort of gone. Buh-bye Clive!

An exciting little extra point

Our video shoot at The Lampworks is returning to us! We have now received the finalised version of Valley of Jehoshaphat, and it's up for your viewing pleasure on YouTube. We're extremely proud of it and so grateful to Will and Grandad at dB Acoustics and Jacob from Dauntless Evolution for producing such a wicked video! We absolutely love Valley. I remember sitting on the floor of my front garden painting my fence a few summers ago and Anna came running out like 'We have to do this!!' and listening to it for the first time. It's one of the tunes that we feel has really helped define us as a band and show people who we are. And it makes me think of sunshine.

If we saw you...

If you joined us at Babar Cafe, we really hope you had a great night and got home safely!

Huge thank you to Nick and Ally of Reggae Pie for giving us a chance to bring reggae to Hereford.

Shout out to 'the back row bitch' behind the bar - you're lovely and I didn't catch your name, but Brass Bands are cool, cause we said so!


Our next performance is THE REGGAE RESURRECTION at The Wheatsheaf, Frankwell

We played at Babar Cafe and Bar in Hereford. Check them out:

Get ready for summer gigs! It's all we're waiting for!!

Grab a sexy Reggu-vest!

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