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Less-tah and Wuss-tah

A beautiful and hectic weekend!

There's something about Thursdays...she thought as she booked rehearsal for Thursday...

There's some reason Thursdays aren't a great day for rehearsing...

And then she realised. It's because it's the day before Friday, which is the day before Saturday. And you're going to be sleepy as heck by Sunday.

But hey ho, this is the life, isn't it?!

Friday at 2FUNKY Music Cafe in Leicester!

Friday was a mad dash in stupid traffic up to Leicester. We all arrived in good time to soundcheck and chill out in the lil ole green room at the back. We've never been to 2Funky before, so we were very excited. We also haven't played in Leicester for a good couple of years, so it was a great chance to be back up there.

The best thing about getting to a gig early to soundcheck before the doors open and having a space to hide away in the back is that you can go to the gig dressed like you just rolled out of bed, and get ready in the green room. Obviously, the men were pretty much ready to go, and they always look their best, but me and Anna revelled in the opportunity to tramp it up until not long before stage time. It's so much more comfortable. Being in heels and makeup from sometimes 3pm until way after midnight can make you feel a bit "meh"!

The most wonderful thing happened at 2Funky - they have an absolutely amazing caterer on site, and she made us food! It's so nice to sit round together and have a hot meal - you'd be amazed how often that doesn't happen. So, we all had a chat and an eat and a chill out.

2Funky was a little quiet, but the crowd that were in more than made up for the lack of numbers. We saw some faces we haven't seen for a long time!! It was super great to see you and some of you we met for the first time and are totally impressed (and aware) that you continued drinking for most of the weekend, which is certainly more than we could have managed!

It was a lovely atmosphere at 2Funky and all the crowd were really nice. Hopefully we'll see you on socials!

I believe it was about 3am by the time we made it to our pyjamas, so it was time for sleep until Saturday afternoon!


Saturday in Worcester for Helen's Birthday!

In June we had the pleasure of playing Helen and Graham's Wedding Vow Renewal in Sunny Woo-town and they very kindly asked for us again for Helen's 50th Birthday, held at The Gun Tavern. There is no way on this earth that Helen looks or seems 50 years old. This beautiful lady is the LIFE of the party. We've made some really lovely friends in Helen and Graham and just think they're absolutely amazing.

The night wasn't without its hiccups. A PA problem arose and somehow we managed to get cover. To Jake Cunningham, who gave up a cosy dinner with his lady, we are so so grateful for the last-minute help and you were wonderful! Helen and Graham took it all in their stride and were consoling us not to be worried about anything, which just goes to show how wonderful they are as human beings. I personally may have worn a hole in the floor of the carpark from pacing up and down! We were very happy to have Angus and Harry with us from RudeSix, and they were the ones who sorted out Jake coming, so it was a massive team effort. I believe that Charlie from Lobster helped with finding numbers as well, which just tells you how wonderful Birmingham Reggae and Ska is. 3 bands put their heads together and because of that the show went on!

We made sure we'd got all of Helen's favourites in the set, and some she hadn't heard us do before, so hopefully it all went down well. The shots suggested by Helen also went down extremely well, so thank you also for that. I've never tried Tequila Rose before, but I must say, Spicy Milkshake is OK by me.

All of the guests were so welcoming and kind and we ended up staying well after we'd finished just chatting and enjoying the party!

We so enjoy every performance. It's amazing how different they can be from one day to the next!

To explain the title of this blog, please attempt (out loud) to say Leicester and Worcester in a Black Country / Brummy Accent, and all will be clear.

With the hugest thanks again to Jake Cunningham for a wonderful job and for arriving in Worcester with a cape and your pants on the outside (as far as we're concerned, you absolute Super Hero)

Actual video of Jake arriving at Helen's party


If you'd like to see more of what's happening at 2Funky Music Cafe, you can find them here:

If you'd like to see The Gun Tavern in Worcester, you can find all the info here: The Gun Tavern (

Please check out the amazingly talented RudeSix, of which Harry and Angus joined us on Saturday. Seriously talented. Seriously cool. You can find them here:

And please also check out the amazing sounds of Lobster! You can see them here:

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