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Jammin' to the Rhythm: Our Top 5 Reggae Hits to Set the Mood for Your Weekend

A chilled weekend and reggae music go hand in hand. That's why we set ourselves the task of creating an ultimate top 5 of reggae songs to take you away from everything and make you feel irie!

1. Chronixx - Somewhere

Chronixx is one of Jamaica's modern gems, and this song is one of Chronixx's unsung heroes! We love the Perfect Key riddim. You should definitely check out other songs produced on the same riddim if you like this one!

We love that this song gives you real summer night nostalgia - that proper holiday feeling. We also have to point out that if you're female, he's exactly what you'd hope for in his lyrics! He just makes you love him!

2. Gentleman's Dub Club - High Grade

Dub band hailing from Leeds, Gentleman's Dub Club are a fresh and innovative. Their fusion of reggae and electronic dub make for seriously groovy sounds. We love the modern crispness this tune gives, as well as that cool vibe from the lyrics. We love that the video is recorded like a live performance so you really get the atmosphere when you watch it. We also love the short, sharp and extremely purposeful horns. They don't over-egg the pudding, as it were. They really come in, sparkle, and leave space for everything else.

3. Ijahman - Are We a Warrior

We love this track! Proper traditional sounds from the off. Man has the smoothest voice and creates extremely varied melodic lines that just go to some real nice places. This is a must for your weekend vibe. The whole album is a doozie.

4. Fat Freddy's Drop - 10 feet tall

This tune has a real touch of the magical about it, but has such an uplifting message, we know it's got to be on the playlist of kick-back-and-relax. New Zealand group Fat Freddy's Drop have got your vibe. They have us right from the start with that attention-grabbing horn discordance. Their unique sound is beautifully covered in an almost soul-like vocal. They're definitely unique.

5. Third World - Feel a Little Better

What can we say? Third World are one of the most iconic and influential reggae bands to hit reggae, in our humble opinion and in many other's too! This song features on world-renowned album 96 degrees in the shade. Straight away, you are just transported through that Third World sound into a different place. It's a proper Sunday uplifter, this one. True to form, this track has an interesting and varied melody that doesn't always go where you think it will. We just couldn't miss this one off the list!

You can listen to all 5 of these in a handy YouTube playlist! Just click the link below:

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