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Jamaican Independence at The Fusilier

Saturday 5th August we had our debut performance at The Fusilier in Leamington Spa, joining an all-day celebration of everything Jamaica, alongside Tallawah Sound

We tried to make this gig happen last year, but we just couldn't, so we were so pleased when Siobhan got back in touch this year and we arranged to be part of this absolute blast of an event.

The Fusilier is a lovely pub with a proper homely, down-to-earth vibe, sitting right on the Grand Union Canal, complete with a semi-sheltered beer garden that we didn't spend much time in because it was persisting it down, gorgeous string lighting and the best people - reggae music lovers!

We arrived mid-deluge at The Fusilier and were guided upstairs, where Siobhan has created a beautifully cosy green room within her home above the venue for bands to chill out. It's so thoughtful and kind of her to provide that - you'd be amazed how many places you just have to go and sit in your car until you play. When there's a green room like that, a dedicated space for the band to be while we're not playing, you know you're going to be looked after and appreciated, and that's such a wonderful feeling. Not to mention she put rum in the fridge, so the majority of the band were sold just on that point! Thank you so much for taking care of us!

The sound system Tallawah Sound were in full swing by the time we arrived, and the tunes and mic control were absolutely boss. We got chatting before the event with Tallawah and I have to say they are really professional and super passionate about their music. They certainly lived up to their name with big, strong and unapologetic reggae tunes blasting through the building.

The crowd were well up for the party. This event is held annually at The Fusilier and they've clearly created themselves a strong following. Real reggae music fans that, like, know the words and stuff! And they were really rocking already on arrival!

We didn't have our usual sound family with us for this one, and we missed everyone so much. But the guys who did our sound did a decent job and they were nice people.

By the time we got on stage, the crowd were well into the vibe and the party was going off! We gave them the full Reggulites beans, and they were definitely the right crowd for us.

We were super chuffed to have Cat - the drummer again with us, and his beautiful lady Marie. It's thanks to Marie that we had so many videos of the night. We love spending time with you guys!

It was also super cool because Teebs works in Leamington Spa, so he told his work friends and some people came down especially for him, which makes us super happy and proud. We love having Teebs on board - he fits our energy so well.

We had the amazing Angus with us on bass, and he's just such a special human! We love you, Angu! He did a fantastic job, especially when you know that we didn't give him any rehearsals lol!

Everyone had a wonderful time at The Fusilier, and we really had a great time just chilling out and spending a bit of down time together as well. Super proud of this little band and the new heights it keeps striving for. We're looking forward to redefining over the next couple of months and evolving once again for you guys!

Huge thanks to every single band member, to Tallawah Sound for smashing the event, and Siobhan and everyone at The Fusilier. We had such a great time!


To see where we played, you gotta go here:

To check out Tallawah Sound, they can be found here:

To check out Cat - the drummer, look here:

To check out more of Angus, bass player of RudeSix, see here:

See us at The Aston Tavern Boutique Hotel on Sunday 20th August, on Match Day!

And don't forget to buy our merch so we can afford to rehearse from time to time lol!

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