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Hitting Hednesford - What a Doozy!

First time in Hednesford, first time at Dulcie's and Helen's birthday celebrations!

We arrived at Dulcie's Bar at 5:30pm not knowing what to expect! We got this gig through the

wonderful who manage the bookings. They're super professional and lovely. We hadn't been to the venue before, so we were excited to go snooping about and find out the crack.

It's a real surprise seeing the place from the outside to going to inside. It gives nothing away on the outside, but once you step inside, there's lighting, bare fun art on the walls, a nice and spacious venue with tables and chairs dotted around but with plenty of space to dance too. It's really nicely finished. I particularly love the one end of the venue where the pool table is and the twinkly lights above on the ceiling. Lovely. The lady behind the bar was really nice to us and made sure we had everything we need. Later we met the owner, Matt, who was great and a proper Brummie fella.

As I've told you a million times, it was my birthday on Saturday. I love playing a gig on my birthday - it's like paying all your friends to come out with you lmao! But seriously, we had the best vibes. We had Will and Grandad with us which is the best vibes. On the subject of my birthday, I was absolutely spoilt! First of all, Grandad and Will came in with the BIGGEST bunch of flowers. I love getting flowers from Grandad and Will - they have a florist friend and her arrangements are just stunningly beautiful. My flowers were red, gold and green! So thoughtful! I nearly did a cry. Just look at them! And there was more...

This is Ronald, my birthday bear. He has been HANDMADE by Nan! She's just the most amazing lady! Anna got one to match - I wanted her to call her bear Reggie so they could be the Kray Twins, but Anna said they were too cute to be criminals (no offence, criminals!) so she called her bear Mr Forester! So Ronnie and Mr Forester are the sweetest gift I've ever received!

Here is Ronnie waiting to start soundcheck. Thank you so much, Nan! He's got pride of place in my living room sitting on his very own tub chair by the TV. The cats love him!

Maybe a little bit too much, so I might need to move him for protection! Such a thoughtful gift!

Now, you should all know by now that as the night goes on, the vibes get good and I forget I have a camera on my phone and go back to 1996, where everyone just enjoys the moment and doesn't take any pictures or videos! I didn't get pictures of what the band had done! I got another beautiful arrangement of bright flowers, purchased from my cousins in West Bromwich who own the flower shop (If you know, you know) by the King's Square market. Anna had also fetched gorgeous little cup cakes for us all to enjoy together. I got a card signed by all the band as well.

Anyway, enough about me, and onto the gig. We started at 8:30pm and gave the crowd at Dulcie's a big dose of consciousness. The lovely thing about Dulcie's is the layout. There's plenty of seating space where people can join together and socialise whilst still looking at the band and enjoying the music. We finished the first set with Picture on the Wall, which is definitely our new favourite. And then WHAM, brother Michael arrived to wish me a happy birthday, even though he only did just see us last week!

And then another surprise, my GREAT (in every sense of the word) Uncle Martyn arrived! This was a great surprise although I had begun to suspect, because my entire life that man has never missed speaking to me on my birthday. He's the coolest Uncle ever.

Another great thing about playing Dulcie's for my birthday was that it wasn't just my birthday! It was, like, 4 other people's birthdays! I had BIRTHDAY BUDDIES! There was much shouting about this! I remember Teagan, because she came to speak to me afterwards, and Levy because his birthday was actually the day before but who cares - birthday buddies! I know there were more but I'm so sorry I didn't catch your names but happiest returns to each of you!

So it was birthday vibes for real at Dulcie's and we hotted up the second set. We got asked to dedicate Three Little Birds so we threw that one in for the last minute and everyone had a good singalong. The crowd were up and dancing by the end of the night and we had really good feedback. We really enjoyed our night at Dulcie's and we're hopefully looking for a return later in the year!

Thank you for making my birthday celebrations special, everyone! We'll see you on the next one!

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