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Christmas Takeover at The Wyggy!

We had an amazing night, as always, at The Wyggeston! We got to say Goodbye to the people who have made it all happen - Bryan and Laura, as their last band at the helm. We got to see new and old faces, some who have become friends over the years. What a way to finish off the gigging year.

We arrived at The Wyggeston and got ourselves in pretty sharp because the weather was doing all sorts of winter at us. We were greeted by Grandad and William, our number one sound team! It's so rare to get Will with us these days because he's so busy, so it was a real Christmas treat to have him with us for this one.

Over the time we've played at The Wyggeston, it's a gig that everyone wants to be on. Paul made sure he'd got cover for his other bands so that he could do the gig. Harry was with us and the little doggo, Steppa. Of course, the usual suspects were there, too: Sugar, Dawn, Anna, me, Angus and Teebs. Extremely happy to have Barry Birdseed with us for the night as well! He's such a cool guy!

The Wyggeston were definitely up for a party! The first set absolutely flew by - even with the new additions. Got to give a huge shout out to Anna, as well, on her first full gig doing backing vocals alongside Dawn, as well as playing the saxophone an absolute blinder! The Wyggy hasn't seen us since we've had Dawn with us, either, so it was a real surprise and the feedback was immense for it! Everyone was playing on point and having a great time.

For us, The Wyggy isn't just another job, you see. It's always a place we count as our personal celebration, too. Whether that's been Christmas or in the middle of the year for Anna and Sugar's birthday, we always party with great friends and family at The Wyggy.

We had a wonderful gig. Some real highlights in there and some great musicianship. We did present swapping, we got Bryan and Laura up to say a few words, we dedicated a song to Mick and Debbie, and everything was just so much fun! I was rocking a bad knee but it didn't slow me down much because the vibes were RIGHT!

I swear, Wyggeston people just aren't like other people! We talked to so many of you in the break and afterwards, and we know how much you're going to miss Bryan and Laura being at the helm. We will miss them too! From our very first gig at The Wyggy, where you guys had just lost Vince, and he was so looking forward to the gig, we knew we had genuine and loving people in our midst. Four years on, and The Wyggy really has become our home away from home. We hope to come back, but if we don't, we sincerely hope that you guys will come and find us so we can spread that Wyggeston vibe all over!

Oh, and I'm just gonna leave this here - pair of legends:

Please do check our upcoming gigs for 2024. Our first is:

As always, a huge thank you to our sound engineers,

Keep an eye on the new things that are going to happen at

And as always, one love to each and all.

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Looking forward to spreading the wygeston love with you in 2024!!

Thank you for the royal song dedication. I swear you gals and guys get better everytime we have the pleasure to see you. ❤💛💚

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