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Brand New Set at The Lounge @ Boldmere

A night of mad reggae vibes, DJ Gorgeous George and DJ Marcus Copesta

Yoooooooooooooooooooooooo! Saturday night was LIT! We had the most fun, got to see so many beautiful friends and couldn't stop dancing! As always at The Lounge, the people brought it, and the night turned into some mad hot dance!

Saturday night was special because we were playing alongside our very favourite boyos, Harry and Angus, of RudeSix. It's always such a pleasure to have them in the set up, because they bring so much of that youthful enthusiasm and energy, and they are so exceedingly talented. I'm always amazed at how much Angus manages to drink and still play the bass so flippin' good! Phwar. We were also very priveleged to have the lead singer of RudeSix, Liv, come down to enjoy the show, and also previous RudeSix member Sam.

Doing a more local gig just brings the people we love to us, and we can't thank you enough! If you follow these blogs, you will be familiar with Nan and Grandad, and we were so happy to see Nan after she's been a lot poorly over the last few weeks, and also our sound engineer's mom, Helen, joined us, which was amazing. Our reggae family continues to grow and it's just way emotional.

We were so happy to see Helen and Graham for the first time in 2023. They've just been so supportive of our music and are just amazing people. They enjoyed the first set but had to go home to the doggo before we finished. All the love and hugs, Helen and Graham. You're both amazing.

And guys...we had some big reggae royalty in the place! BIG SHIP ALLIANCE were in the house! *Absolutely fan girls over Big Ship*. As you may have seen, we had the pleasure of enjoying Big Ship's music a few weeks back, and what an experience! We were so privileged to have them come down to see the show on Saturday night! There may be a lil collaboration in the works, but more on that later down the line! Keep ya eyes peeled!

We were also graced with the energy and vibes of DJ Marcus Copesta for the first time this year. As you know, we absolutely adore Marcus, and honestly it just makes us so happy to have him in the crowd or alongside us. He's amazing. He also brought his Daddy, who was an absolute Daddy the whole night - like seriously, the man has a gravitational pull! The ladies were in orbit! And Marcus is just off on his own enjoying the vibes! It was amazing to see them both. They may be the coolest people we know. If you're thinking of booking us with a DJ, that DJ HAS TO BE Marcus Copesta. The man has an energy and love of music that is so unique and infectious. He literally rips the place up.

It was great to showcase our new tunes for so many people who follow what we do. Particularly it was amazing to present Ashley Mee with our rendition of Picture on the Wall, which he suggested we try. Mate, we love it! What a vibe! The whole place was up, hands in the air, singing along and thanking the powers that be for the blessed vibes in life!

We were extremely lucky to have the man himself on sound. You cannot understand the phenomenal difference to us when William does our sound engineering. He's just incredibly talented at what he does. And he treated us all to new in-ears, so we were spoilt beyond good reason and we love him for that. I have also decided that there's too much missing if Grandad is not with us for a gig. He's just the man that keeps it all smooth and orderly. I don't even know if he knows how valuable he is. We miss them so much when we're not together!

We were also joined by our beautiful brother Michael. He's actually Sugar's brother, but by default he's inherited the rest of the band as family, too, and it's always wonderful when he surprises us with a visit. He's always stylishly late so his entrance makes a big impression! And he got himself a dancing partner on Saturday night, which was just gorgeous.

It was awesome to be back at The Lounge and involved in Andy's live events. If you don't know, the man behind all the hard work regarding live music, advertising and organising is Andy. And he's incredible. He puts so much hard work and effort into his events and it really shows. So it was great to catch up with Andy and enjoy a wonderfully buzzing night with him.

The crowd was really cool throughout the night. Everyone seemed to have a good time, and by the end of the night Dj Gorgeous George was spinning the tunes and Marcus and his dad were doing some awesome, crowd-hyping MC Antics. I actually tried to leave three times but got dragged back in by my heart-strings cause I couldn't stop dancing!

Thank you so much to everyone who came to enjoy an epic night with us. Can't wait till the next one!


We told you we were joined on stage by the drummer and bass player from RudeSix. To check out RudeSix, a punky ska originals band, go here:


We mentioned our amazing sound engineers, dB Acoustics. You can check them out here:


We mentioned Andy's live events. To get in touch, here's the details:


We played at The Lounge at Boldmere, Sutton Coldfield. To see what they've got going on, look here: The Lounge at Boldmere | Sutton Coldfield | Facebook


We were joined by Big Ship Alliance! Thank you to Asha, Ebony and Joel for coming along! If you haven't already, you can find them here: Big Ship Alliance Reggae Band


If you want to book DJ Marcus Copesta, you can find him on social media or drop us a message and we'll get in touch with him!


We're currently running a RAFFALL competition. It's just £1 for a ticket, all secure payments and you're in with a chance to win a BUNDLE of Reggulites Merch, including a Logo Polo Shirt!

You can enter here, and the draw will be on 12th March.


Our next performances are Dulcie's and Babar Cafe. We'd love for you to join us!

And to conclude everything, if you have any pictures or videos, we've set up a new group on Facebook where we'd love you to share things to! It's called Friends of The Reggulites, which we class each and every one of you as!

Much love xxxx

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