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Back in Boldmere

A little blog about our return to The Lounge at Boldmere, Saturday 15th October

If you saw our advertising, it has been a LONG time since we played at The Lounge. Last time we played, there was no stage and a few walls in place, and they had a playlist on rather than a full-blown DJ, so things seem to be on the up for The Lounge.

In 2019, we played there once, had a brilliant night, and were due to play again in early 2020, when the dreaded Pandemic struck, so we had to put it on the back burner. Whilst the Pandemic was in full flow, Andy Thompson, the entertainment management, moved on to different pastures. By the time the pandemic had calmed down a hot minute, The Lounge seemed to have taken to solo acts with backing tracks, so it was time for us to go somewhere else!

It was lovely to see the changes. The whole bar has been moved from the centre of the venue to one side, which works much better, I think. The place was pretty busy. Some people were really lovely and had a great time.

Sometimes, especially when it rains, it pays to move the time of the start of the set, which is what we were asked to do, so we had quite a while after soundcheck before we went on. Paul on the bass got himself a Chinese!

We debuted our newest edition to the set, which is a Ska Medley, which we'll be playing again at our next performance at Skalloween. It got some really fun tunes in it, and we have a lot of fun playing it.

It was nice to have some time to spend together, even if we were mainly hanging out in our cars!

The end of the evening was really cool, as the DJ did some actual MC-ing and so did some other guests, and we honestly weren't expecting that!

We hope we'll see many of you at Skalloween on 28th October: the event is brought to you by Arden Angels, a charity based in Rugby, and this event will support The Maple Unit at the Hospital of St Cross. This unit is dedicated to Haematology and Oncology and is vital to the patients it supports, often saving them from having to face multiple appointments in Coventry rather than on the doorstep.

The event looks to be a great opportunity to have a good giggle, dress up for Halloween and support a great cause whilst enjoying some awesome music!


If you'd like to see what else the Lounge has to offer, you can find their day-t-day offerings here:

And their live music events here:

If you want to find out more about Arden Angels, have a look here:

If you'd like to find out more about the event we are taking part in at the end of the month, see here:

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