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A Year in Reflection: 2023 for The Reggulites

Amazing adventures | Superb Collabs | Old and New Friends

Taking a look over the past year, there is one thing that really stands out to me: the vibe. In our five years of existence, we've really refined who we are and what we need to do this life, and the vibe is above and beyond the most important aspect of what we do. Let's take a spin back over 2023 and see what we've done!

We started the year with 'Jamuary', where we piled into the studio and tried out some tunes we'd always wanted to try, and some suggestions from our social media friends. The videos are here on the website, if you want to take a look. Personally, the out-takes are the best part for me.

We travelled all the way to Southend on Sea to play a Skathend Events. We played our first local gig of the year at The Lounge, and came back another two times through the year!

We played our one and only gig at Dulcie's in Hednesford on Helen's Birthday in March. We played our last gig at Babar's before they closed for good this year. We resurrected Reggae for the last time with Ellen as landlady at The Wheatsheaf, Frankwell, but we'll be returning in 2024 for the same event with new landlady Lauren.

We found Dawn in April and she did her first gig with us when we travelled to Guildford and played at Suburbs at The Holroyd Arms. Audience, staff and proprietors were equally wonderful.

We were privileged this year to celebrate and perform the weddings of:

Jack & Marls in Cheltenham

Izzy & Sade in Birmingham

Larry & Kate in Eastbourne

James & Gaia in Banbury

Roya & Phil in Kidderminster

Pippa & Seb in Somerset

What an amazing thing to be able to do - to be part of these wonderful memories.

We played in Coventry at Gilt Edged Events Masquerade Ball and performed with Papa Crook and Adele Harley, which was an amazing experience.

We met, supported and backed the amazing first lady of reggae music - Susan Cadogan, and we've loved her dearly ever since. It was an incredible experience.

We celebrated Anna and Sugar's birthday at The Night Owl this year, at a Reggae Cookout Sunday. We also popped the question to Teebs and he became our full-time keyboard player, bringing his beautiful heart and vibes along with him.

We played our first gig at Albert's Shed in Shrewsbury, and celebrated International Reggae Day there. We played at Soul Medicine Festival thanks to two last minute heroes - Cat the Drummer and Taevon (Sugar's son) !

We played at our DJ Marcus's 40th birthday and this was the first gig that Charlie Moore from Lobster joined us on bass guitar, which was amazing.

We played alongside Tallawah Sound at The Fusilier in Leamington Spa for Jamaican Independence (and we'll be back in 2024 because it was quality!)

We played a beautifully sunny afternoon at The Aston Tavern after a Villa Match, which was wonderful.

We went and did Skamouth at the drop of a hat and had an absolutely insane amount of fun.

We were joined by Angus on guitar and he has brought a whole lot of funkiness with him.

We learned some more new tunes. We played a fantastic night at The Lounge.

We had the experience of supporting The Dualers at KK's Steel Mill in Wolverhampton. It was probably the biggest crowd our band has ever performed in front of, and it was amazing that our people were there to support us as well!

We turned 5 years old as a band this year as well.

Then we finished the year off by saying Goodbye to Bryan and Laura at The Wyggeston.

We've met incredible people, performed with amazing musicians and singers and genuinely just really loved what we do. We can't wait to see what 2024 brings us.

Thank you to each and every one of you that supports our music. We love you forever.

The Reggulites x

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